Power Station 20 tap Power Supply


Loop Switchers is now making Power Supplies!  This power supply has been in the works for a year now and is finally being released.
This is the first run and this unit will ship in the middle of February.  There is a limited quantity being made and manufactured here in the United States.
This Power Station is designed for ultimate reliability.  It has been designed using the highest quality components to insure it keeps your pedals powered.
Here are the specs of this unit.
- .03 cold rolled steel enclosure
- black powder coating
- screen printing in epoxy white paint
- led indicator light for 9vdc and 18vdc
- high quality voltage regulators
- hi-temp multi layered ceramic disc capacitors
- high quality electrolytic capacitors
- fr-4 type 2oz copper traced circuit boards
- separate aluminum heat sink boards for voltage regulators
- isolated standoffs for printed circuits boards
- switching power supply for use with 120-240v input
- filtering power transformer for ultimate quiet operation
- power switch on backside
- 3 extra receptacles on backside for accessories
- COMPLETELY isolated voltage regulated DC outputs
- every output is completely isolated
The unit measures approximately 5.25" x 2.25" x 8"
16x 9vdc ea 100-200ma
2x 18vdc ea 1500ma
2x 2vac 

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