10 Channel True Bypass Strip


We now have 2 different versions of our switchers!  They are all identical in size and the same exact parts are being used! 

Clickless version

Handwired version

Please allow a couple of days for the Clickless versions and next day shipping for the handwired versions


Since our loop switchers are designed to be opened up with ease (just 2 screws, NO RIVETS) you can easily install buffers, plug in a loop and adjust the trim pot to your liking(with the pedal open).  Then you can close up the enclosure and install it on your board knowing when you engage a loop with a buffer your pedal will be at the volume you want it to be!

Our Clickless versions use a relay system that allows the loop switcher to have soft momentary style loop engagement. This means the foot switch will not click.  It will be a super soft push that will not make a loud acoustic clicking sound.  The handwired and pcb versions use a latching footswitch, it clicks acoustically but not electronically GUARANTEED! 

Silent True Bypass Switching.  Professionally Handmade in the U.S.A.

High Quality Parts

  • 3pdt Foot Switches
  • 3mm LED's
  • 1/4" Metal Jacks
  • Military Spec. Silver Stranded Wire
  • .050" Aluminum
  • Texture Black Enamel Powder Coating
  • Laser Engravure


Guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase!  Free Shipping in the U.S.A. Flat Rate 20 dollars anywhere in the world on any sized order.

Dimensions  2" x 1.625" x 20" , the foot switches are approximately 2.18" apart

Built with the toughest parts available. Complimented with the highest quality solder and wire. Loop Switchers have chosen the most practical and rugged enclosures to ensure each pedal can outlast any other on the market. These pedals are not riveted together so you can take them apart as many times as you would like. No STRESS will ever be applied to the jacks and switches, because of the patented X & Y axis mounted components. These enclosures are also a little slimmer than most, which makes perfect sense when trying to incorporate this onto a clustered pedal board. All loop switchers are guaranteed for up to one year, with easy choices of replacement and maintenance plans.

-Flange locking steel outer enclosure
-Extremely durable and scratch resistant black powder coating
-Inner locking X & Y tight fit attached side panels
-Front and rear machine threaded locking flat head screw
-High quality mono 1/4″ jacks, 3 pdt foot switch and power jacks
-Chromed steel LED bezel w/ crimped LED
-20 awg teflon silver plated 7 strand copper wire
-Highest grade leaded solder
-Accurately and practically pre lengthened point to point wiring
-Heat applied extra secured and molded led protection
-Extra controlled precision and pre drilled surface and back
-Potted LED’s and resistors





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